Garagista studios

Enzo Ferrari coined the term "garagistes," to scornfully describe the small back-yard racing teams like Cooper and Lotus that dared to challenge a grand Constructor like himself. The fact that these small operations were able to buy an off the shelf Coventry-Climax engine, a Hewland gearbox, build a simple chassis, arrange a tyre deal with Dunlop, a fuel deal with Esso, and then go racing, was a shock to the great man's system.

When these upstarts beat him year after year because they could develop new ideas quicker than he could, then even Ferrari was forced to change his thinking. 'Test it on monday and race it on sunday' became a way of life to generations of these "small" racing teams and this attitude continues to this day.

We proudly compare us to these "garagistes", and we believe that you can still achieve great things, with small group of talented people, and a lot of love for the game you are making.